Stake with us

Status: Staking is currently only possible through the central World Mobile Vault. We expect decentralized staking to go live in 2024.
Staking WMT to our ticker will be straightforward. You can create a transaction, using the World Mobile Vault, to stake an arbitrary amount of WMT to an EarthNode. You have the option of deciding how much WMT to stake to a specific EarthNode. You can also stake to several of our EarthNodes at the same time. The relationship between an AyA-Validator and a single staker is identified by a UTxO on the staking smart contract. The tokens have to be staked for at least two complete Cardano epochs to be considered a valid stake on AyA and contribute to the consensus.



We take our EarthNode staking service very seriousl. That is why will build a dedicated 3 node physical cluster with local and remote backups. Whereas one fails the other will automatically take over. 

The datacenter infrastructure includes redundant power supply through the transformer stations, N+1 uninterruptible power supplies, and diesel power generators to keep our servers up and running. With redundant internet connections, including at least two independent fiber connections and multiple carriers, our servers will always be reachable from the internet. Our data center also features redundant (N+1) chillers and climate cabinets to prevent servers from overheating. Physical security is a top priority, with CCTV and access control in the datacenter to prevent unauthorized access to any server. The datacenter is also committed to energy efficiency, using modern technologies such as free cooling or groundwater cooling to reduce energy consumption. There is a team of experts in the datacenter 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays, to ensure that our servers are always in good hands.

In the extremely unlikely event of a major disaster in the datacenter we will have a backup server standby which will run 24/7/365 in a different country and is operated by a completely different and non related cloud provider.